Halloween High Jinks (and High Kicks) as Chun Li

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Finish him! Chun Li cosplay

Still on a Halloween hangover? I sure am. I absolutely love Halloween—from the "A-ha!" moment when you finally come up with this year's perfect costume to that triumphant strut down the street as strangers call out your character name and toss you candy (not taking candy from strangers is overrated). We had an awesome Halloween running around New York in kung fu fighting mode with J dressed up as Bruce Lee in Game of Death and me dressed up as Chun Li from Street Fighter (I tried to convince J to be Ryu but he was really into that yellow jumpsuit and Onitsuka Tigers and wasn't having it). Nevertheless, we had loads of fun making funny little kung fu fighting GIFs. I think GIF-making potential will henceforth be my primary criteria for choosing my Halloween costumes.

Bruce Lee from Game of Death versus Chun Lee from Street Fighter

We partied with French Tuesdays at The Box where, loaded up on liquid courage,  I ran up the stage to join an impromptu best costume contest, throwing in some high kicks and hadouken for good measure. I had it until a chick holding a guitar lifted it up to reveal the full genius of her costume: Lenny Kravitz having his not-so-little accident. I collapsed in helpless laughter with the rest of the crowd and we all conceded defeat. Nevertheless, several folks came up to me that night to tell me they had cheered for me and still believed I should have won. I didn't realize until then how beloved Chun Li is by a generation of gamers. I had a blast dressing up as her and I'm stoked for life that I've got this Halloween look immortalized in a high-kicking Chun Li GIF:

Cosplay as Chun Li from Street Fighter

If you, too, would like to spend your next Halloween or Comic Con kicking it like Chun Li, it's actually pretty easy. All you need to do is order a Chun Li costume (Amazon sells it at the lowest price), which comes with the blue dress, bun covers and spiky wristcuffs. The costume is basically a leotard so I would recommend following Chun Li's lead and wearing the outfit with a pair of tights. Chun Li wears dark brown ones but I got Danskin's toast-colored ballet tights, which are flattering and designed to withstand numerous sessions of high kicking. While the sexier option would be to wear this costume with high white boots, I decided to go with the high jinks friendly option and was happy with it: knee high white socks and good old Converse kicks. Final tip: Make sure you stretch before heading out because Chun Li does not do pulled hamstrings!

Now to figure out what to wear next Halloween ... care to share your all time favorite Halloween costume?

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