What to do on a rainy Seattle day: Go antiquing

In America, Boxing Day is better known as the After-Christmas Sale Day. Instead of duking it out at the mall, however, we ended up spending the afternoon sifting through Antiques at Pike Place, a veritable treasure trove of vintage finds in Seattle. One day after Christmas, we were daydreaming about next year's tree, which we'd love to fill with kitschy vintage baubles. This store had plenty of it—we're talking everything from little Beatles-emblazoned jukeboxes to Battlestar Gallactica-themed ornaments to slice-of-Americana cowboy boots. There were also plenty of things we would love to find sitting under the tree on Christmas morning: cool vintage hard shell luggage, trippy old school blenders fit for Megan Draper's pad, and a beautiful lit globe from the 1930s. Here's hoping that if we're very, very good in 2015, maybe Santa will fill our home with these gorgeous finds come next Christmas!

Pasko in America

Happy Christmas Day everyone! Have you gotten over your eggnog hangover yet? We've just had our late brunch of eggs, bacon and mimosas to recover from an evening with copious amounts of lechon, silly gifts, laughter and wine. Everything feels right with the world.

Filipinos always feel a bit of longing during the holidays, missing our over-the-top Motherland that takes Christmas to whole other levels. But eventually we find ways to make our adopted homes just that—home. Whether its digging into a Kamayan Christmas feast with the New York barkada or erupting in hysterics over silly White Elephant gifts with my family in Seattle, we've found our own version of Pasko in America. It turns out, home really is where the heart is.

Wishing you all the happiest holidays, wherever your home may be!

Parting Shots of Bergdorf Goodman's Holiday Windows

We can't go through the holiday seasons without talking about Bergdorf Goodman's holiday windows, now can we? As much as I try to avoid the Fifth Avenue madness during the holiday seasons, I can't stay away from those beautiful windows. This year's theme is a celebration of the arts and I definitely walked away feeling inspired. I took some shots of my favorites below, which celebrate music, architecture and painting. For the full details on how these windows were conceptualized and crafted, and to see the full range of beautiful windows, visit the Bergdorf Goodman blog here.

Wishing you all a beautiful and inspired holiday season!