Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I love travel in almost every form ... but don't you find that there's something extra satisfying about a quick getaway? Whether it's a day of hiking, a weekend escape to wine country, or a long weekend at a serene beach, being able to experience something extraordinary in such close proximity to my ordinary life brings me an added dose of pleasure.

Here to bring those experiences ever closer to your fingertips: Discoverue—a website dedicated to helping you find the quick getaway you're looking for this weekend. These mini vacations are meant to last 72 hours or less—just enough to help you decompress from your regular life without disrupting your flow drastically. Being a fervent weekend warrior myself, I penned a few articles for my friends at Discoverue, which you'll find peppered throughout the site. For a quick glimpse of what Discoverue has to offer, watch the video below and visit their website at

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  1. Hey! I just chanced upon your blog and I think it's an amazing one!! I can totally relate with you on the travelling aspect of life. I've travelled all my life to know that!! My dad's in the army afterall!! Yet I want to travel once i'm free enough to!!
    Anyways I recently made a blog called "Anything and everything" and I would love it if you would take out the time to check it out and leave a comment! The site is Thanks!