6 Points for Seattle

Sunday, February 02, 2014

As little as I know about football, I am, by default, rooting for the Seattle Seahawks on this Superbowl Sunday. It is a testament to the Seattle metro area's charms that my family chose this place to be their home, even though we didn't have any roots in Washington State. While I will perhaps always be a Washington State tourist, I have grown to love the place my family now calls home.

For those who are curious but have yet to fall under's Seattle's many charms, here are the 6 things I love about Seahawk city.

1. Pike Place Market and its riot of colors and flavors
From the salmon-throwing fishmongers to the vividly colored fresh produce, Pike Place Market is a visual and gustatory treat. Tourists flock to the original Starbucks and that monument to icky-ness, the gum wall, but my must visit spot is Piroshky Piroshky! Those freshly baked, delectable Russian pastries, which come savory or sweet, are an absolutely decadent delight. Just have a few post-piroshky doughnut peaches and the guilt goes away, I promise.
At the height of summer, the flower selection is breathtaking and surprisingly fairly priced. Don't these gorgeous colors just make you desperate for warm weather?

2. Salumi
There aren't many people who will line up at 10am in rain and freezing temperatures for a sandwich and an admittedly too-early glass of red wine, but thankfully there's two such people in my family. My sister and I have done the early weekday trek to Salumi a few times now to enjoy their fine selection of cured meats, and it was worth waking up for every time. Salumi is run by the parents of this guy you might've heard of: Mario Batali. It's a Seattle institution and worth a visit if you're ever in town.

3. Mother Nature's finest, right in your backyard
You don't have to go too far outside of the city to see some of Washington State's natural delights. It takes just a short drive from Seattle to see stunning Snowqualmie Falls in all its glory. But what I'm most envious of is that not too far from my family's neighborhood in Mukilteo, there are some gorgeous trails for running. That they can enjoy that crisp fresh air and unspoilt scenery while getting a few miles in is a true pleasure I would love to have in my own backyard.

4. The exploding Asian food scene
You would think that New York would have an edge on this but every time I come to visit, the Seattle metropolitan area just seems to come up with more and more yumminess that we in the East Coast have to live without. They've got personal Japanese hot pot at Boiling Point, the famous xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung, and a mall with a massive Filipino supermarket plus Jollibee, Chow King and Tokyo Tokyo. Your move, New York. 

5. The booze flows freely
Thanks to my oenophile cousins, I have had the pleasure of getting to know the fruits of the Washington State wine trail quite well. No visit of mine is complete without a day of wine tasting, and every family gathering is always blessed with a fine selection of Washington wine. The Malbecs, Cab Francs and dessert wines of Kestrell, Patterson Cellars and Efeste are our family favorites.

Plumbing the depths of the state's craft beer selection so far also seems to be an impossible task. No matter how many microbreweries my sister has taken me to since I came to be of drinking age, there always seems to be more to discover. That, my friends, is always a good thing. 

6. There are so many people to love ... and Washington State lets you love them freely
Of course, I love this place because it is filled with the people whom I love. Nowhere else do I feel, and dish out, as much unconditional love as I do here. 

But what makes Washington State extra special in my book are its progressive laws and views. Last year, we cried bucketloads of joyful tears as my sister finally got to tie the knot with her best friend and partner of 13 years.
For this alone, I will always be greatful to Seahawks city.

Wishing you the best of luck today, Washingtoneans! Go Hawks!

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