Red, Yellow and Blue

Friday, May 03, 2013

There is something magical going on in Madison Square Park—1.4 million feet of magic, to be specific. New York artist Orly Genger has wrapped three large lawns with 50 tons of vividly painted, hand-crocheted lobster fishing rope, turning the park into a surreal and whimsical wonderland. 

I found the art and its juxtapositions fascinating: manmade against nature; the intricate made into something monumental; a traditional craft employed to create the avant-garde. It was a delight to see the art's interaction with the space. Red became a fanciful frame to the tableau of a cherry blossom tree at the peak of its bloom, its petals just starting to fall and carpet the grass underfoot. When I came upon Blue, a fluffy squirrel was perched on one of its cobalt walls, seemingly contemplating the handmade knots as intently as I was. Yellow, meanwhile, drew in people who found its undulating golden waves to be the perfect perch for a photograph.

Genger's monumental sculptures will grace Madison Square Park until September 8, 2013 but I highly recommend visiting now, while the weather is perfect and the park is simply bursting with the most beautiful spring blooms. For more information on this exhibition, as well as Madison Square Park's art initiatives, click here. To see more lovely pictures of the exhibit, including some cool panoramic shots, like The Happily Ever After Project on Facebook!

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  1. I just saw these too last Friday! They artwork was still unfinished at the time though. You got some really great shots of them, did you take these photos all on your phone or with a wide lens camera? I snapped a few shots for my Instagram but they look so cropped compared to yours!

    1. I dropped by the park yesterday on a whim, not realizing it was the first day of the exhibition. You must come back and see the finished pieces! I used my iPhone to take these but it was definitely challenging to find a good shot. The pieces are just so massive that its hard to capture them in a picture! I did get some good panoramic shots in, too. Hope you'll get another chance to enjoy them soon!