Smorgasburg Sundays

Monday, October 15, 2012

How does one make Smorgasburg better? Bring it within walking distance to my apartment and keep my belly happy every Sunday until mid-November, that's how!

Since this wonderful food fair set up shop in Brooklyn Bridge Park's Tobacco Warehouse, it has brought lovely doses of sunshine and good eats to my Sundays. I'd be hard-pressed to think of anything better to do with my Sunday morning than rolling out of bed, taking a leisurely walk featuring stunning views of Manhattan and two of its loveliest bridges, and medicating the inevitable Saturday night hangover with a beef brisket sandwich/thick slabs of maple bacon/uni mazemen/deep fried anchovies/*insert other drool-inducing-specimen-of-goodness-here*.
There are some truly delectable eats in this picturesque food fair, my friends, and after a few visits, I've grown partial to more than a few. Mighty Quinn's beef brisket sandwich haunts my foodie dreams constantly: those delectable slices of beef meat with a perfectly charred crust and tender pinkish center topped with crunchy slaw and onions, and all tucked into almost comically small pieces of bread that are more useful for shoveling pieces of meat into your mouth than actually holding the sammie together. I can't decide which plate of food is more indulgent: the fresh and deliciously briny oysters from the Brooklyn Oyster Party or the thick chunks of sweet, salty, lusciously fatty maple bacon from Landhaus. And boy, do I have big plans for those crispy deep fried anchovies at Bon Chovie. One of these days, they're gonna come home with me to be noshed on, Filipino-style: with some steaming white rice, patis-spiked tomatoes, and spicy Pinakurat suka! It will be glorious, I tell you. Glorious.
I am also jonesing to come back for Yuji Ramen's uni mazeman. Mazeman is a brothless ramen, which is apparently quite the in thing in Tokyo at the moment. It's no wonder because it is refreshing, bursting with intense umami flavor, and plain old delicious. Proof: I don't have a picture of it because we slurped it down as soon as the bowl changed hands. But just so you know what goes into it, here's a picture of a magical bowl of uni goodness being made. Oh yes. Come to Mama ...

Smorgasburg will keep churning out the good stuff in Dumbo until November 18, and I intend to stalk those stalls as much as humanly possible. I can only imagine the terrible withdrawal that will come when Smorgasburg closes down for the season ... but until then, I'll take what I can get!

For more information on Smorgasburg Sundays, click here.

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  1. Good lord why can't I have this outside my house???

    1. It's a blessing from the gods! I'm not worthy, but I AM grateful!