Rain Love on Manila

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

It seems like it was just yesterday that we saw the terrible flooding wreaked by Typhoon Ondoy on Manila. Three years later, Manila is submerged in floods once again after several days of constantly heavy rains. The images coming out of the Philippine capital are heartbreaking. Thousands of our countrymen are in dire need, with at least 250,000 people having to be evacuated from their homes to safety.

It's frustrating to be all the way across the world when something like this happens in the Philippines because we all want to help. For now, the quickest way is to donate through humanitarian groups that have mobilized in Manila to assist the victims of this calamity. The most convenient way I've found to send in a donation so far is through the Philippine Red Cross website. The organization accepts payments through PayPal, so you can send some love Manila's way in just a few clicks. If you'd like to help in any way, please visit the links listed below:

  • Philippine Red Cross - accepts donations through PayPal, Ushare, GreenPeso, Multiply, and PayDollar
  • Gawad Kalinga - accepts online credit card donations
  • Sagip Kapamilya - provides bank information and SWIFT codes for those who would prefer to wire their donations directly
  • For those in the Philippines, Pinoy 911 has marked donation centers on this map. Aggregated Tweets about the flood can also be seen on this website.

Image courtesy of Rain Love on Manila, a group that mobilized to help the victims of Ondoy in 2009.

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  1. Glad to see this post...sad to see my dad's hometown completely flooded just months after visiting it.

    1. It is sad, but it's also inspiring to see how Filipinos are so ready and willing to help each other. The indomitable Filipino spirit will persevere. I believe it.

  2. It warms my heart to know that a fellow Pinay from across the world to sympathize with our people here. Lot of places here are still flooded and heck another typhoon is underway. Classes are cut early because public schools are used as evacuation centers. Truly, this is a trying time for all of us but we will persevere, like you said. Luck and success to us all!