It's still more fun in the Philippines

Thursday, August 09, 2012

No matter what crushing or even traumatic experiences hit me in life, I've never seen the sense in wallowing in the bad, and I truly believe it's something I owe to the indomitable Filipino psyche. We, as a nation, have always had the capacity not just to persevere but to find even the tiniest speck of joy through the worst of times. Manila has been in the throes of a paralyzing and tragic flood for the past few days, and yet, you see that uniquely Filipino ability to smile and even have fun through it all.
This is no way meant to diminish the amount of suffering that thousands of Filipinos are going through right now. The floods have absolutely devastated the city, but I am proud of the beautiful Filipino spirit that is shining through despite all that they're going through—from their ability to stay positive no matter what to the admirable civic consciousness that is pushing relief efforts, big and small.
Below, I'm posting all the groups and donation sites I've come across for those in the Philippines who are looking for ways to help. To those outside the country, please see yesterday's post for ways to help out when your only means is a mouse and a credit card.
  • The Angel Brigade is accepting donations at
    1. Isdanco Foundation - 2/f Franck Provost Building, Jupiter Street, Makati 
    2. Franck Provost - Molito Complex, Madrigal Avenue, Alabang 
    URGENTLY needed: Rice, bottled water, canned goods, instant noodles, milk, vitamins 
    We will also be deploying COOKED MEALS; Chef Laudico has offered to cook for those in evac centers 
    For that we need: Rice, raw chicken, cooking oil, garlic, ginger, onions, vinegar, soy sauce, calamansi; also biodegradable or re-usable food containers and utensils. All these food items can be dropped off at: Bistro Filipino, 3rd Avenue, Net Square Bldg Bonifacio Global City (across McDonald's)kindly say it's for ANGEL BRIGADE hot meals
  • Binalot is accepting pledges and donations. For more information, click here.
  • More ways to help:

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  1. I just visited manila for the first time a few weeks ago to see my parents, who moved there a year ago. We left just a couple days before the rain started. It has been so sad to think of all those who are affected. We loved our short visit! (Though we weren't brave enough to try Balut! I did try halo-halo though!). Your blog is great, glad I came across it.

    1. Thank you Crystal! I'm glad you got to see the Philippines at a good time. It really is a wonderful place and the people have such a beautiful spirit. With everyone doing all that they can to help, things will get better. Did you like halo-halo? So delish in that heat! I call balut highly-advanced-level-Filipino-food. Even if you never get there, it doesn't mean you haven't enjoyed FIlipino food ;-)

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  3. We loved our short visit! (Though we weren't brave enough to try Balut! I did try halo-halo though!)...!!