The Great Googa Mooga

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I found out that there was going to be a festival dedicated to the consumption of gourmet grub, craft booze, and fine tunes in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. And when the day finally came last Sunday, I did find myself in a food, music and sunshine-filled nirvana ...
The very first Great Googa Mooga took over Nethermeads last weekend, with roughly 75 of the city's culinary heavyweights dishing out their food porn best. The best illustration of the level of food fetishism that went on: M Wells's grilled cheese sandwich piled with horsemeat bologna and foie gras. That sandwich was so delectably rich, it gave me the shivers.

I had my reservations about the festival due to feedback from Saturday's attendees who made it sound like a cross between Coachella and the Hunger Games. But we beat the crowd by arriving before noon and had our pick of the food stalls, as well as prime real estate by the main stage where we parked my obnoxiously bright pink picnic blanket (this came in handy when cellphone reception peaced out with the thickening of the crowd).

The only hitch: my appetite tapped out after that monster of a grilled cheese sandwich. For the rest of the day, my consumption was limited to a fabulous bag of bourbon and bacon popcorn, those epic sweet and spicy wings by Kasadela, and multiple glasses of beer.

Gluttony-fail notwithstanding, it was still a great, great day. The weather was perfect for laying out on the grass and grooving to some Hall and Oates, sipping beer, and partaking of gourmet goodness. The only thing that could have made that day better was if I had multiple stomachs to fill. Too much delicious food, so very little time and stomach space.

With a bit more practice, I'm sure you can be really great, Googa Mooga. So come back and practice again with me next year, won't you?

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  1. Very jealous ... I was too late to get tickets this year.

    1. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there'll be another, better organized one next year!

  2. Who would have thought that bologna and foie gras would be the perfect pair ;)
    Looks like a fun event!!

  3. Foie makes almost everything better ;-)