Happiness is a pile of lovingly baked cookies

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I spend most of the year on the opposite coast from my family. So when I come and visit Washington, it's such a treat to spend quality time with my baby sister, Katie.

We spent a cold winter day holed up inside in our jammies, the scent of cookies wafting through the house and songs from the Glee Christmas album filling the air. I loved baking when I was Katie's age but I haven't made a single cookie in the last decade. Meanwhile, she has been baking up a storm. So in all honesty, the only thing I can claim credit for as far as these cookies are concerned is that I didn't ruin my baby girl's masterpiece!

Is it just me or do lovingly baked cookies just taste so much more delicious?

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  1. Happiness is definitely a plate of cookies baked with love. These look delicious!

  2. They were! Merry Christmas Kyleen!