Getting lucky at the US Open

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I woke up one afternoon last week slightly cranky from getting roused by the incessant drilling on our roof and exhausted from the red-eye flight I'd taken just a few hours ago. At 6:30 am that morning, I was grumbling to my roommate Mitch about how tired I was and how all I wanted was to stay home and do nothing.

But apparently life had other plans for me.

I was lazily scrolling through Facebook on my Blackberry when a status message jumped right out at me: "I have two day tickets free today! Message me ASAP!" Without thinking twice, I called my friend Dante, tennis coach extraordinaire, and just like that, I suddenly had box seat tickets to the US Open in my hands.

"So much for laying low and no more activities. We didn't even last 24 hours!" exclaimed Mitch when I handed her a ticket.

What dumb crazy luck I have sometimes ... one minute, all I have planned is a day in my pajamas and the next, there I am sitting court side at the US Open, soaking up the sunshine, sipping beer and watching some fantastic tennis.
The occasional crazy stroke of good luck ... happily ever after in my book.

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  1. A great site and clever, interesting writing. I'm just getting started I'll use your site as an inspiration. Liked the fashion week blog too.

    1. Thanks Darren! Welcome to the blog world and good luck!