The Fear of becoming "that lady"

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

You know who I'm talking about: that lady on the dancefloor who's still whipping out moves from two decades ago, oblivious to how everyone around her is dancing to a different beat. Raise your hand if in the middle of shaking your groove thang, you've ever been hit with this paralyzing thought: "Are my moves getting ... old? Holy mother of ... have I become that lady?!"

It's inevitable that this thought will pop up while at an electro festival where 50% of attendees were probably just learning to walk when I was already cage dancing in a Roger Sanchez rave. Thankfully, Carte Blanche rescued me from this ridiculous paranoia with their little dance off. As the running man was whipped out shamelessly on stage, I realized, who the hell cares what the "current" dance steps are? As long as you're having a blast, that's all that matters. Besides, if you've got style like these girls, even the Roger Rabbit can look hot.

In any case, 80s style music is making a comeback so that lady might be the one with the cool moves now. One of my favorite acts at Electric Zoo was Chromeo, a pair from Montreal with really fun, 80s-inflected, synth-heavy music that just begs for a robot dance. Just check out the look and the moves of their three back-up singers. Don't they seem like they were taken straight out of an old Prince video?

But if you're curious to see how "kids these days" rage at the Zoo, you can check out this clip I took of the crowd rocking out to some solid dubstep by Diplo. Truth is, kids these days dance a lot like kids did in our time—like deliriously happy, carefree fools. Oh, and in case you're wondering, you're not hallucinating. There is in fact a guy wearing a horse head somewhere in this video.

I had such a crazy good time dancing my heart out all weekend. I don't care how old I get—nothing's gonna keep me away from the Zoo!

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