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Sunday, September 04, 2011

A few months ago before heading to Coachella, I asked my music-savvy buddy Paul to give me a list of bands to see—me being generally clueless about what's cool in the music world but craving a new sound. The list came with a warning—something to the effect of I should be careful lest I turn into a dirty hipster addicted to obscure music, quit my job, move to Williamsburg and start a band.

"Dude, it's happened," I said to Paul yesterday as we raged to Bloody Beetroots Death Crew 77 at Electric Zoo. We had been at the festival for a good 11 hours by then, listening to everything from Daedelus to David Guetta. I had been down into the rabbit hole and back, and my mind had been blown with everything seen, heard and raged to in one day. I may not want to quit my job, give up my cushy FiDi flat for Billyburg or put all those voice lessons to use, but I was definitely addicted ... and well, I wasn't a hipster but I was definitely pretty filthy from a day of wandering through those electro fields.

While on Friday I'd braved the zoo solo (I repeat, addicted!), yesterday I went with a group of friends. And I realized how a music festival means different things to different people. For some it's a way of reliving the past—bringing back those days when we were young and a little crazy like those little fairies running around in neon wings and furry boots. I didn't dig too far into my past but when David Guetta played No Getting Over, it definitely brought back Ibiza memories ...

But I'm finding that what I'm liking about Zoo (and music festivals, in general) is hearing something I've never heard before. Let's face it; I'm no spring chicken so I've heard a fair share of music by now. So when every other song on the radio seems to be a rehashing of a song I already know, it all gets ... meh. So to see musicians pushing the envelope can be pretty exciting.

Today's my last day at the zoo, and I'm looking forward to a chill afternoon of listening to old faves like Afrojack and Chromeo, and getting my mind blown by Diplo, Boys Noize and Infected Mushroom. And maybe that dude DJ Snoopadelic (yes, it's exactly who it sounds like).

Off to the zoo!

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